R.I.P. Hank Niedballa


Anyone wishing to send a sympathy card to Hank’s family could use
this address:: His daughter

Sharon Letzter
27W760 Sycamore Lane
West Chicago, IL 60185

or his very good friend

Sheila Annen
573 N. Emory Avenue
Elmhurst, IL 60126


My memories include a phenomenal ride in the rain through the hills of Barrington in 2008 with a stop at the Penny Tavern. I was a newcomer to the club at that time, and Hank made me feel completely at ease… a very kind person.

Annette Szczesny

My favorite Hank memory has to do with an IMAX ride when a Woodridge policeman gave Hank and me and a couple of other EBC riders traffic citations for failure to stop at a stop sign. When the policeman looked at Hank’s driver’s license, he commented that he wanted Hank to safely make it to his upcoming birthday when Hank would turn 80. Hank replied with a birthday wish. “As long as you are going to give me a ticket, could you please make it out for exceeding the speed limit?”

Tom Preston

I am very sad to report that our friend and fellow biker, Hank Niedballa is in very dire condition.
Hank has been battling cancer and has had several rounds of chemo but to not avail. He is
losing his brave battle and is in Rush Hospital in an unresponsive state. They are trying
to place him in hospice care now. His friend Sheila will advise us if there is any change.
Now is the time for your prayers for this wonderful man.

Betty Bond