Cycling Safety?

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Riding A Bike Is Safe

Five Reasons Why Riding A Bike Is Safe


The facts have been there for all to see and understand for years. You are safer on a bicycle than you are on foot as a pedestrian even considering the lack of bike lanes present in most cities.



In fact you are safer on foot than you are in a car by far. And yet the bicycle advocacy industry has consistently ‘scarified‘ the prospect of cycling just to ensure that changes in the design of roadways matches something they ‘think and hope‘ will make cyclists safer.

The result is that more pedestrians are dying at the hands of bicyclists. Talk about an unintended consequence. To make matters worse the placement of bike lanes has a great deal to do with how many ‘Door Zone Collisions‘ occur. It would seem that cities in their haste to shoehorn in bike lanes have failed to provide ample room for cyclists to ride (at speed).

So the fustercluck of cycling advocacy goes on unchecked. We seek to ‘scarify‘ the prospect of cycling to ensure that we get our way in terms of bicycle infrastructure design and installation but then complain that the shift to bicycling is taking place more slowly than we would like and swerve back into a mode where we try to install a sense of ‘bicycle comfort‘ into the fence sitters.

Let’s Stop The Scarification And Focus On The Real Victims

Automobile passengers are the really vulnerable users of the roadway. They die in far greater numbers than everyone else. That message all by itself is what we need to have everyone focus on. How motorists behave whether driving in a distracted fashion, impaired by alcohol or simply being reckless it does not matter it all boils down to one thing, ‘speed kills‘.

The slower you travel (when using the roadway as a vehicle) and the more predictable you are the greater your chances of getting home alive.

By focusing on others we have a greater chance of bringing the entirety of the general population onto our side in terms of finding better ways to control traffic speed and eliminate reckless behavior. This is not an us vs. cars battle. This is a struggle that we all face. We need to make that clear.