Being Visible In Day Light

Published on Mar 31, 2015

The first bicycle tail light designed from the ground up for daylight visibility. Find out more at
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Nothing is more important to a cyclist than visibility. We subtend a very narrow arc on the horizon. To be visible we must either project either a very brilliant reflectance or one with a very large surface area. Most of the rear lights on the market today allow for a pretty bright beam at night. But when the surroundings are themselves bright the beams seem less brilliant.

These days it needs to be said that having a highly reflective bit of clothing or a bright light on your person is not a sign that you have done anything other than anticipate the fact that distracted driving, cycling and walking are part of life.

Be safe out there and let the naysayers to colorful clothing, reflective paints and bright lights do whatever they wish to do. But wish them well.