Why Is It OK To Ride In The Pedestrian Lane But Not Drive In The Bicycle Lane?

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Divvy User Riding On Michigan Avenue Sidewalk

Divvy User Riding On Michigan Avenue Sidewalk


I think the very best thing about reading discussions by cycling advocates is enjoying the finesse they display when defending a scofflaw practice they know to be wrong both legally and morally and yet they bend over backwards to soften the criticism of themselves and their fellow cyclists.

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Deftly pointing the finger at people-of-color for breaking the law while trying to sound sympathetic is pathetic.

One knucklehead decided to make it an issue of race, as if the Urban Cycling Movement gave a farthing about people-of-color on bicycles. In fact the really interesting reading comes when you listen to these same so-called journalists rant about people-of-color who riding against traffic in the bike lane.

They even have a cute name for the practice, ‘salmon-ing‘.