Job Site With On Site Bike Shop

Background Reading


You’re on your way to work when your bike starts go get harder and harder to pedal. You try to ignore it, as though that might make the problem go away. But of course it doesn’t. You pull over and confirm: You have a flat.

Now image this: Instead of fixing the flat right there on the spot, you can just put your bike on a bus and take it to your workplace’s on-site bike shop. By the time your shift is over, your bike has two fully-inflated tires. They even gave it a tune-up while they had it. The cost to you: Free.

No, this isn’t dream world I’m talking about. It’s Seattle Children’s.


It would certainly seem possible that shops like Bikes-n-Roses should be partnered with a permanent establishment. They could share the same premises, but why not simply have a mobile workshop (cargo bike-based) that delivers services to any number of businesses?