Teen Drinking Is Not Our Concern. Why? We Adults Are Too Busy Getting Hammered.

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If your idea of fun is being falling-down drunk, there's plenty for you on YouTube. iStockphoto

If your idea of fun is being falling-down drunk, there’s plenty for you on YouTube.


The quickest way to understand the drinking problem among teens is to look at the adults who should be their mentors. We spend so much money on beer and other intoxicants that microbreweries are the single fastest growing businesses in the hipster world by far.

Even adults who should know better spend much of their waking moments trying to find yet another place to test out a new beer. The problem of course is that teens see this activity and try to emulate it with teen brains. Brains that are far more susceptible to the drug that is alcohol.

We glorify the drinking of alcohol on television every day. And I am not talking about advertisements. Nope. Every single character in every single series on television that is aimed at an adult audience is shown celebrating a great day at the office with drinks after work. So why on earth would teens think anything other than that alcohol is safe and wonderful and it is the darling beverage of the entire planet. And they would be right.

Of course when they finally reach college and have ‘date rape parties‘ and the schools start panicking because they can see the law suits hovering over their trust funds they drop the hammer and say, ‘no way!’ Even our Armed Forces are dealing with this problem as well.

The simple solution is for women to eschew parties where alcohol is freely flowing and knock-out drops are raining into glasses faster than the dandruff off the shoulders of the males in the room. But of course in predictable fashion, the females take umbrage with the notion that they have to be the ones to ‘sacrifice‘ the inebriation in an effort to salvage their lives.

So we are back at square one. Our teens drink too much and glorify the activity in much the same fashion as cyclists do AlleyCat races, because it is cool. Are we ever going to learn or will it take a wildly painful catastrophe before everyone gets it?