Sorry Guys. Size Does Matter.

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© Chris Bruntlett

© Chris Bruntlett


People who ride tandems know that they are far more visible to traffic than when riding a single. They get more ‘respect‘ from drivers as a result. The same can be said for long wheelbase recumbents like the Easy Racers Tour Easy. And if you really want to up your ‘visibility quotient‘ ride an under seat steered long wheelbase tandem like the former Ryan DuPlex. Not only will cars notice you but on one occasion a rear end collision ensued because both drivers could not take their eyes off our bike.

Now add into the mix, carrying capacity and you have a ‘real bike‘. These things are both long and wide. In fact when you see a gaggle of them riding towards you the realization that they can be as inefficient at carrying adult passengers in a too large space is not unlike your average sedan automobile.

And there is really no way to hide the fact that trying to park one of these things at a bike rack is a fools errand in all but the most spacious of sites. But there is also no doubting the fact that no one will be able to claim that you were invisible. Most drivers and pedestrians cannot take their eyes off long bikes.

Enough of these around and you don’t need pretty green paint and PVC bollards to keep bicyclists safe.