The Automobile Marketing Corollary

Why is Reckless Speed Promoted in Nearly All Auto Ads?

There are lots of very good answers to this question. All of them have to do with ‘perception‘. For instance why would anyone buying a boat have to see a half naked female draped across the bow in order to judge whether they should buy it?

If the item whether it be toothpaste or shoes or lawnmowers can be made to appear ‘sexy‘ advertisers will exploit that. Speed is sexy to many young buyers. Couple the speed with a convertible body style and you have instant ‘sexy‘. Toss in two drivers who are young and beautiful and you can sell these cars all day long to singles who want to appear attractive.

But the far more interesting question is why AlleyCat movies of bicycle riders even made? After all we spend countless hours ranting about the last time someone got hit by a motor vehicle. And we spend precious hours getting government to grant us the 3 Feet Rule.

We lobby for red light cameras and speed cameras too! And we sneer at the drivers who violate the right-of-way of pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Great! But why then make a movie that shows us to be anything but intimidated by passing vehicles. We actually see riders who caress the sides of moving vehicles or actually grab the sides of one and get a free tow.

Cyclists are shown crossing the yellow line and riding directly into oncoming car traffic! They run virtually every red light they encounter and into the bargain they ride dangerously between pedestrians in the crosswalk without slowing one whit!

The number of things these riders do is impressive and very dangerous and it makes the general public ask the question, ‘Why again am I being asked to pay for protected bike lanes?‘ Never in the history of mankind (okay that is a bit over the top) have activists been so out-of-touch with their stated mission.

But the fact that these movies keep getting made is what really astounds everyone. But instead of dealing with getting our own house in order, we always have questions about the ‘other guys‘.

It would almost make one think that such questions are sparked by an OCD personality disorder or simply a diversionary tactic. I suspect the latter motivation. But sadly that is not a very good use of ones time and energy.

No one is being fooled by our continually grappling with ‘victimhood‘. In fact it has worn so thin that others are ‘pushing back‘. All of the claims we made for ‘bicycle infrastructure‘ have evidently not followed script. In many instances streets that were given makeovers and road diets still claim the lives of pedestrians.

And every time another pedestrians dies at the hands of a cyclist is not going into the win column for us. You cannot hold enough Rides of Silence to offset the palpable anger that folks have at bicyclists doing to them exactly what they claim only motorists do.

And add to the worry over being hit by a car the worry that somehow their actions might cause the death of a pedestrian. If a would-be cyclist is suddenly confronted with the prospect that something they do on a bicycle can result in someone’s death that is going to have to be overcome, if at all, by mounds of good publicity.

It however will never be buried under misdirections aimed at taking our minds off of bad cycling behavior by pointing out that ‘the other guys do it too!