‘Vision Zero’ : What It Really Means

Published on Mar 4, 2015
Stanley Roberts looks at a joint enforcement detail conducted by San Francisco Police and The California Highway Patrol


God Bless Stanley Roberts. Sometimes it is difficult for us cyclists to really see ourselves in a very dispassionate way. Sometimes I we ever seem to focus on is whether a motorist or a pedestrian is doing something that really pisses us off. But what does it look like when everyone is held to a higher standard?

Well for one thing it means that we stop using the pedestrian crosswalk as yet another way to run red lights. The looks on some of the faces of the cyclists and the questions and remarks they make show some fairly consistent confusion on just how to legally ply the streets of San Francisco.

I am all for having cyclists ‘stop and take a refresher course‘ that includes classroom instruction on what the Rules of the Road are as well as having to prove themselves before their instructors in outdoor classroom training. Most of the folks I have ever talked with who took one of the advanced LAB courses found them helpful.

So the next time we start ranting about Vision Zero just remember that a portion of the responsibility for making that vision a reality likes directly on our behavior. And like it or not that is going to mean a few well-deserved tickets before that message gets across, ‘loud and clear‘.