Ride to Morton Arboretum and Back

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After installing two new wheels on our Easy Racers Tour Easy bikes we also replaced the chain on my bike that had caused me to buy a new wheel. I left too much chain in place so when we returned from today’s ride I did a bit of work to remove the extraneous links.

The ride over to the Morton Arboretum was nice but an adventure. You have to find the one place where you can move between subdivisions to ride down to the gate of the Arboretum.

Once inside the climb up to Thornhill was iffy. My too long chain kept skipping in the lower gear combinations. But we did run into Jim and Karen Click out on their recumbent tandem. I confirmed that they took Park Avenue up and back to the gate so we did the same.

Back home my knees were yelling a bit having had to ride in too high a gear all the way. But as I said it was an adventure!

BTW, we stopped at the Sports Complex along Lambert Road to see what it was like. Very nice! They even have a McDonalds Cafe to serve the folks attending the games!

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Cyclometer Information

Distance: 12.9 miles
Time: 1h 59m 29s
Speed: 6.5 mph