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(Courtesy The McCormick Collection) Rendering of the planned Marriott Marquis Chicago. Significant portion of Neighborhoods Now cash tied to hotels and stadium near McCormick Place.

(Courtesy The McCormick Collection)
Rendering of the planned Marriott Marquis Chicago. Significant portion of Neighborhoods Now cash tied to hotels and stadium near McCormick Place.


Chicago's Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

Chicago’s Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

Suddenly the Chicago ChainLink Forum Crowd has moved from being ‘ass-kissers‘ of the current administration to openly working for Chuy Garcia’s campaign. Hey, it’s a free country! But I have to wonder at how Rahm Emanuel must feel after going to the mat for these clowns only to have them spit in his face when it counts. But this crowd is beyond really understanding.

They openly flaunt the red lights of the city and then whine because their newly chosen candidates are ‘not big fans‘ of red light cameras. It just shows how out of touch they really are with reality. Politicians need votes. The single largest voting block in this or any other goddam city on the planet will be those who move around by motors. Any fool understands that.

Mess with their pocketbooks by putting up red light cameras whose sole purpose is to help raise the badly needed revenue to repair streets and paint more silly bike lanes green before planting down another stupid row of PVC bollards and you can see the dilemma of the poor politician. He tries to get the cycling community to agree to licensing and registration and they pitch a hissy fit.

Why? Because that would probably mean that some sort of visual or transponder identification would be attached to their blasted bikes. And that would make them subject to, wait for it… Red Light Cameras! No way, Jose!

Can you spell, hypocrites?

The Good News!

Sadly the only way that the Urban Cycling Movement is going to be stunned into some sense of reality is that someone stands up to them and tells them to get a haircut, pull up your pants and stop slouching. And while you are at it ‘stop acting like a fool!‘ I wish my grandmother was still alive. She could talk smack with these idiots as well as any Church Mother ever.

But instead they are so very full of themselves that they actually have a side in the Red Light Camera Controversy.

And yes, they are in favor of having restrictions placed on other that they would fight to the death to avoid for themselves. Sweet!

Hopefully Governor Rauner will have the stomach for the fight against all the ‘special interests‘ in our fair city and state. And I really hope he sticks it to the cycling community until it yells ‘uncle‘ and decides to become part of the adult world.

There is no reason that cyclists should expect any favored treatment. Right now they are trying to use pedestrians and mass transit users as their ‘shields‘ when going ‘hat in hand‘ for more money for cycling. But this two groups are likely riddled with automobile owners and drivers. And that has to ‘stick in the craw‘ of the hardcore idiots in the movement. In fact I would be willing to bet even money that pedestrians and mass transit users are very unlikely to have ever heard of Active Transportation Alliance, let alone have memberships.

Spending In The Loop Area

Neighborhoods in Chicago are under siege.

About the only thing that will save many of them is what is known as ‘gentrification‘. I hate that the sons and daughters of those who fled the city to the suburbs are coming back to replace the black middle class that has since been unable to keep up with the financial crises of the past decades. But that is what is going to happen. People of color in this city are chess pieces.

But the most galling thing is that they are being used to ‘try and pave the way for gentrification‘. Bike lanes are the ‘canary in the mine‘ when it comes to knowing that the current residents are not the targeted recipients of this largesse but those who will be coming afterward. This is essentially what the article above is trying to make clear.

Right now the only money entering these communities will come as they are being ‘gentrified‘. To make them seem like possible targets for that activity you need to put down bike lanes. That is a fact. The residents of these communities are not using them to necessarily commute to work. Jobs or the lack of them is the defining factor in these areas. No these lanes are intended to warm the hearts of the hipsters taking the housing that others bought and bled for and now can no longer afford.

The black middle class that my parents represented are dead or dying. What remains is not pretty. Too many young black families are struggling. The hope of having their children go on to get an education and become job holders is dying each and every time the Chicago Public School District closes a building.

It is something of a ‘starve them out‘ tactic. And complicit in this are the members of the Urban Cycling Movement who have decided to look upon the arrival of these lanes and the ‘inevitable price of safety‘. Well, I will believe that when I see these lanes filled with black people on their way to a job and without the presence of gun fire in the background.

So why is the mayor spending his money in the Loop Area? Because that is where you spend money when you have given up on the residents of the neighborhoods under siege. The hipsters and wealthier residents need to be shown a thriving city. So you always place new buildings where the visitors are likely to see them.

I do not fault the mayor one whit. But I do find fault with an Urban Cycling Movement which is so myopic as to believe that what they see happening is not. Happy Talk is not going to bring back neighborhoods. Pretty green paint is not being applied by the residents of these communities. And if they are going to ever have a chance at being capable of owning or keeping their property they should be the ones at the very least who get to be paid for applying the pretty green paint and the PVC bollards, right?