‘Being More Human’ : Now We Know What Activists Mean

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This is literally never okay. | © Photo via Nik Allen

This is literally never okay. | © Photo via Nik Allen

The DNAInfo article begins:

Chiditarod, now in its 10th year, is a shopping cart race slash pub crawl in which particpants dress up shopping carts like floats and themselves in costume. It raised more than $30,000 for charity Saturday.

But the positivity of the event was “sullied,” Nik Allen said, when he noticed a fellow participant dressed in blackface at one of the race stops.

“[My reaction] was, ‘Wow, this is offensive in so many ways,'” Allen said. “It was disheartening.”

The man, a member of the “too soon”-themed team, was dressed as Bill Cosby, the comedian accused of sexual assault or rape by more than 30 women (Cosby has denied the claims).

Allen snapped a photo of the participant and tried to address the issue with him, but the man “dismissed it,” Allen said, as did his teammates when Allen approached them later, at the Chiditarod awards ceremony.

The team also featured a Jackie Robinson West Little League player in blackface and a cart decorated as Bruce Jenner’s car — the former Olympic champion was recently in a car crash that killed one person. The car also had nipples on it, an apparent attempt to make fun of Jenner’s reported transition. As a Facebook commenter pointed out, one of the costumes was Mork (a Robin Williams character), with a noose around his neck.

Listen to the DNAInfo Story:


The Tribune article begins:

The timing was almost too perfect.

Saturday saw temperatures in Chicago climbing to heights not seen in months as Chicagoans took to the streets for CHIditarod, a bar crawl/race benefiting the Greater Chicago Food Depository. DNAinfo Chicago reports that 139 teams ultimately raised $30,000 for charity while racing around the neighborhood, dodging each other and mounds of thawing dog poop.

Unfortunately, the dog poop wasn’t the only turd that surfaced Saturday.

ummm hey chiditarod this guy in a blackface cosby costume is maybe not in line with the spirit of the event #RodXpic.twitter.com/b9Xf6Jjrur

— naxuu (@naxuu) March 8, 2015

Despite it being the year of our Lord 2015, at least one CHIditarod participant seemed to think it was OK to wear blackface. Event organizers apparently told him to remove the makeup, but people who believe blackface to be OK do not strike me as the type willing to listen to reason.

The man was part of the #TooSoon team, a group that ostensibly dressed in an intentionally offensive manner. The man in question was dressed as Bill Cosby — why limit yourself to just blackface when you can make rape jokes in the process — and was joined by one man dressed as a Jackie Robinson West player and another dressed as Bruce Jenner. Jenner was involved in a car crash last month that left one person dead.

I got an earful on the ChainLink Forum yesterday from a fellow who thought my personal style was ‘not human enough for him‘. He evidently organizes a ‘viewing party by bike‘ to this ride each year. My assumption is that he feels this crowd is more to his liking. After seeing the picture above I am beginning to think I understand his proclivity for joining in the festivities on an annualized basis.

An Urban Cyclist Could Not Do A Better Job Of Explaining Himself Than This Guy

An Urban Cyclist Could Not Do A Better Job Of Explaining Himself Than This Guy

And to be honest not even Wheaton College is devoid of the same entitled attitudes that so many ‘social activists‘ display. They seem to have an admixture of perpetual drunkeness (which is why the poor fellow pictured is unaware of the fact that this might be ‘over the top‘) while simultaneously holding forth an air of ‘victimhood‘ which is supposed to give their lives a cachet of adventuresomeness that excuses what they do. And I might add that the kids at Wheaton who dressed up as KKK members included several African-Americans.

This of course is all set to the background music provide by the University of Oklahoma SAE Chapter which decided to serenade the world with their ditty on ‘niggers‘.

Being More Human?

We have managed to raise a couple of generations of youngsters who upon entering their twenties and thirties are completely devoid of a contextual understanding of what went on before them. We have managed to develop a justification for the objectification of women that relies on them doing things that their mothers and grandmothers would have not dared because it is now considered ‘empowering‘.

My Dad his his Navy buddies and my Uncles Army pals had they lived to see this day would have been flabbergasted at the notion that ‘good girls‘ would think themselves ‘fierce and powerful‘ and soldiers in the fight against oil use by riding around in their ‘birthday suits‘. But that is exactly what they do.

Kids who when sober think of themselves as Liberals still have no compunctions about parading around at the Chiditarod Race in ‘blackface‘. I suppose we will be able to look forward to all sorts of things in future from the children of these folks, who take it upon themselves to re-enact gang rapes while singing sweet ditties too.

But frankly I think the world has gone just a wee bit mad. But for now I guess we now know what it means to ‘be more human‘ at least from the point of view of Social Activists and SAE Fraternity Brothers.

The real irony is that the ends of the political spectrum are nearly indistinguishable in terms of their social behavior when drunk. Let’s keep raising glasses to our right to pickle our brains. And let’s not forget that any driving a car (or more accurately leaving the festivities too drunk to know better that to drive) is to be castigated for doing exactly what ‘good people‘ do when they relax.

Sorry, but the culture is to blame here. It’s just that once you are beyond the point of caring how you intend to get home is irrelevant (at least to you).