Being An Urban Cyclist Means Never Having To Obey Traffic Signs

Published on Mar 6, 2015
One shorter ride in the life of a Chicago south-side biker. Nothing like a bus parade down Halsted!


A viewer of the video had this response:

Reply by Irvin Steinert 12 hours ago
I ride the suburbs and we have less stop signs. I stop at them all, at least enough to halt forward motion even if just for a a half second. Is it considered “normal” to blow stop signs like is done in this video?

I am always amazed when a cyclist is honest enough to ask this sort of question. The answer is of course that this sort of thing is by and large considered ‘normal‘. In fact a lawyer who posts his own videos actually included a scene where he too ran a stop sign while a taxi driver was making the effort to honor the sign. What a strange thing to witness.