Saturn made a really great ad about how much space cars take up

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Bike News Roundup: In 2003, Saturn made a really great ad about how much space cars take up

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It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! I’m headed to New York City for my first time ever. I am crazy excited. I’ll keep posting while I’m out of town for the next week, but things might be a little slower than usual. And of course, email if you see anything I should know about.

First up, Charles Mudede posted this 2003 Saturn commercial I had completely forgotten about. It’s a great visual for how much space cars take up in our cities.



Do We All Want To Live A Portlandia Sketch?

Do We All Want To Live A Portlandia Sketch?

There is a corollary to this film on automobile sizes. Our houses are far bigger than they need to be. But is paring them down to the size of a large ‘pup tent‘ a better idea? Sometimes our obsession with the ‘War on Automobiles‘ makes us a wee bit crazy.

Tiny House Interior

Tiny House Interior

Winning The Middle Class

Because the ‘War On CarsCrowd has taken a Tea Party-sized step to the Left it finds itself largely ‘preaching to the choir‘. Picking a fight with car owners over the size of their vehicles inevitably leads to the question, ‘why not down-size homes too?‘ And the only people who will bite on that piece of bait are the childless couples who are often not even married.

But in the ‘real world‘ the size of a vehicle is seldom viewed as too large. Depending on the number of dependents you are raising it could always appear to be ‘too small‘. And no one in their right mind would consent to live in a tiny house with a family of four children all under the age of 18 years. Just imagine the fights that would ensue as children in high school fought over the corner of the bed they slept on.

Perhaps we should stop feeling ashamed of our affluence and simply agree to act in a way that helps us earn the right to enjoy it.