Cyclists report a disproportionate number of errors to Google Maps

Background Reading



Most the ‘errors‘ that cyclists report are about trails and other non-motorvehicle venues. So while we have greater representation among the users of Google Maps it is not simply because we are helping out the motorists. Nope. We are trying to get the less frequently used side roads and trails data corrected. We travel places that cars hardly ever go.

Case in point are ‘sneaks‘. These are sidewalks and other non-street means of getting from one subdivision to another without having to be on a road. They usually run between houses and alongside strip malls. These are the lifeblood of cyclists who live in areas where bike lanes are non-existent.

Also the Randonneurs of America are another great source of information. These folks are often riding alone at night and rely heavily on their GPS units. If the data is inaccurate then it can be a matter of life and death. So anyone traveling the backroads of America has a motivation for reporting mistakes.