Poorly installed bike racks in renovated Bancorp Tower plaza

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Can you spot the errors with this installation? (Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)

Can you spot the errors with this installation?
(Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)


Nothing is more universal in the behavior of Urban Cyclists than the clamor for more of everything. We want more bike lanes, more infrastructure and more bike parking. And when we get it sometimes it does not improve the situation.

Having poorly installed bike racks is trivial when compared to poorly implemented bike lanes. But that never seems to give us a moments pause as we press onward for more, more, more!

Is there any chance that we could possibly settle for perhaps, better (rather than more)?

Who Oversees All This Wasting of Monies?

Is anyone really accountable for the silliness that gets foisted on us? If I hire a contractor to do labor for me and I sign off on it am I not the person responsible for the goofs?

Why is it the case that we are so very eager to have more miles (rather than better miles) of bicycle infrastructure and then so eager to point the finger of blame when it turns out that the greenway just installed is lousy? We are indeed a silly bunch.

If bicycle infrastructure were shoes, we would be far more interested in how many pairs of six-inch heels lined our closet shelves than in perhaps owning a couple pair of sensible shoes that did not hurt our feet and never split at the seams.

So instead we are emulating Imelda Marcos and are unhappy when it turns out that the stuff we are getting is unserviceable. But in the final analysis it is our own fault. Somebody ought to get around to selling us swamp land, real soon now!