Cycling Winter vs. Summer

Background Reading


The article begins:

The first snow of 2015 surprised us last Saturday. The day before, the weather services had predicted black ice and they even issued a weather alarm. But it wasn’t black ice we all woke up to, it was a coat of snow. The railways were taken by surprise and a lot of the train traffic came to a hold. Drivers also didn’t take enough care and many a car crashed. A bus driver crashed his bus almost into a home, but it came to a standstill against the roof’s gutter. But people kept on cycling.


North America has not yet embraced the expenditure levels needed to provide the kind of trail and bike lane maintenance currently available in the Netherlands. Of course neither does the Netherlands have the kinds of horrific winters enjoyed by Americans.

So expectations should be adjusted accordingly. After all the canals in Holland seldom freeze over. Meanwhile the ‘shelf ice‘ along Lake Michigan is in full cry and dangerous.

My personal thinking about winter cycling is that if you are worried about the state of the bike lane or trails you ride in winter, then perhaps you are on the wrong bike.

Think Fat Bikes!