That Miter He Wears Is Made of Tin Foil

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So there you stand. The Gatekeeper.

So there you stand. The Gatekeeper.


miterClerics are a funny lot. They take themselves far too seriously when you start paying to have them come to your town and dispense wisdom. Before long they begin to believe that Jaywalking is a parallel conspiracy of the Automobile Industry. And you ask in serious wonder what is the other conspiracy? Why, helmets of course!

These poor souls are very fond of the way things used to be. Technology is for them far too complicated. They want their transportation and the system that supports it to be the way it was before the Spawn of Satan roamed the Earth devouring The Faithful. No doubt when cars are autonomous and deaths are sharply down we will hear dire warnings from these ‘men of the cloth‘ about the need to regain control of our environment.

I expect there to be reports from them about the radiation leaks from Bluetooth devices which they feel are harmful. Never mind that they help you navigate through your favorite city while avoiding automobiles, the software that controls them is forcing you to stop at each light, dammit!

Oh, well! There is precious little levity in the world today. Why not have more of it emanate from those who stand in our pulpits and rail against the advance of technology and the decline of Jaywalking. Surely collision-avoidance technology cannot be good. If accidents are nearly eliminated what then is the career path of a self-appointed transportation infrastructure guru?