Are We Just Averse To External Controls?

Background Reading






It has finally begun to sunk into the skulls of the Urban Cycling Movement that their greatest allies might just be those pesky automobiles that they want to remove entirely from the roadways. Suddenly it appears that collision-avoidance technology along with autonomous cars have popped up on the radar of even the most ardent of the Luddites who worship at the Church of Urban Cycling.

And immediately there are cries from the Faithful that the Great Satan must atone for his deeds by being forced to purchase and if necessary retrofit his minions with this new technology. Fine. It is a great idea.

But out west there are those clamoring for a measure which would require that cyclists dress in visible outerwear. That seems to have found a staunch pocket of resistance in the NIMBY crowd of cyclists who think this is an overreach. Why is that?

Whether you choose to wear neon-colored clothing (suitable for detection in daylight) or reflective clothing (suitable for detection at night) it seems reasonable to at least have a Plan B until everyone driving the Spawn of Satan (as the Faithful like to say) have been subdued with their collision-avoidance technology retrofitting gear.