Chicago Bike Advocate: Blowing Stop Signs In Bike Lane After Snow Storm

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You know how difficult it is to listen to someone who’s got a huge piece of spinach covering a tooth? Or did you ever have to watch your Boss give a presentation with a 3 foot length of toilet paper stuck to his heel?

Well, then you know how I felt while watching a crappy video in which the only folks stopping for stop signs are cab drivers! Yikes! Does a lawyer really want to record his riding skills for all to see and have them be lousy?

Come on guys! Somebody get over to his office and show him how to install an action camera that does not rattle. And while you are there explain the use of brakes at appropriate situations, like when those little octagonal red things are posted.

Better yet this guy is a candidate for a Divvy. I hear they are far safer bikes! Oh and did I mention that riding a skinny tire bike in snow is lame? I mean really lame. Didn’t your Momma ever tell you about these: