I Thought It Was All About ‘Bicycle Comfort’?

Background Reading



What exactly is the face of Urban Cycling? We began a few years ago with the notion that we wanted to have lots of ‘bike lanes‘. The justification for them was that everyone would be ‘safer‘. We then managed to drive a traditional wedge between cyclists in the suburbs and those in the urban areas by making the claim that the only legitimate form of cycling was ‘bicycle commuting‘.

What is thoroughly confusing to non-cyclists is all the blather that seems to be at cross-purposes. You have one guy claiming that ‘helmets‘ are entirely unnecessary given the fact they are the ‘spawn‘ of the ‘dangerization‘ efforts of automobile manufacturers. But this study seems to pay homage to the scientific reality that the human mind is in fact undergoing a ‘fight or flight response‘ when faced with traffic. I will be the first to describe this a ‘cycling stage fright‘. And like its counterpart in performance scenarios it can indeed ‘paralyze the subject‘.

Perhaps another study should be done to answer the questions:

  • To what degree does this ‘mental fear‘ adversely effect the cyclist operating the bike
  • The converse would be, why do the folks depicted in ‘Line of Sight‘ not seemingly share this response
  • Or assuming that they too have ‘mental fear‘ what can we do to train people in the best approaches to overcoming this response

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