I Smell Some Excommunications Coming Very Soon

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Transformation: How London's disused Tube tunnels could look (Picture: Gensler)

Transformation: How London’s disused Tube tunnels could look (Picture: Gensler)


The self-styles Pope of the Church of Urban Cycling has declared this idea off-limits to true believers. So having been warned you should keep a great idea at arms length.

But even more important, if after viewing the video you are wondering why he would call it nasty names, then begin to question two things:

  • Why would recycling a currently unused and already existing infrastructure be a bad idea?
  • How bad an idea is his claim that ‘helmets‘ are a conspiracy of the automobile universe?

Then look around you and ask how many ‘nutcases‘ have adopted his blather as Gospel? And given the fact that this guy is serving as a consultant all over the world, just how much crap is he spewing to people who are paying to have his opinions?

Wrong Street Design?

Wrong Street Design?