Scandal In Portland

Background Reading


Like any social group The Urban Cycling Movement is likely full of problem personalities. It appears that the Portland wing of the movement has learned that lesson. But this will not be the last time that something like this happens. It is a story as old as history itself.

The movie Elmer Gantry tells the same story. I have warned against the World Naked Bike Ride because like the pagan rituals which it seeks to echo it is inherently misogynist. You laugh. But here me out!

Why does it always end up being the ‘nakedness‘ that attracts so many males? Would they turn up in such numbers if only they were the ones naked? In fact I challenge you to tell me why there is any good reason whatsoever that the ‘security detail‘ for these rides is made up of males who responsibility is supposed to be the protection of the females who are involved in the demonstration.

Why not have the women remain clothed and form the ‘security detail‘ and let the guys ride around (all by their lonesome) with their junk hanging out? Maybe it should be the ladies who get to do the so-called protecting?

At any rate I would bet that the participation numbers would plummet for both the ridership and the media who come out to ‘report on the ride‘ if the only naked bodies on display belong to humans with penises. Think about that the next time you get the urge to protest the use of oil.

What happens when we ban lycra. File image. Source: News Limited

What happens when we ban lycra. File image. Source: News Limited