Great ‘Be Seen’ Lighting

Background Reading

There are two purposes for artificial lighting on a bicycle. The first is to light the path or street along which the cyclist is riding. This is light to allow the cyclist ‘to see‘ what is up ahead.

The second kind of lighting allows those around the cyclist to know that they are present in traffic. This is light to allow the cyclist to ‘be seen‘ by others.

Reflective strips are designed to do the same thing, but only work if those approaching the cyclist have lights turned on. But a set of LED lights that are bright bright and eye-catching can save lives.

In the video below note the rider along the right side of the frame. This movie clip was made with a cellphone through the tinted windshield of my minivan. Nevertheless I could see the cyclist at least a half block away in daylight.

The lights being used are small and are attached to the rear of the helmet. This is great stuff. I am not certain if using white lights are allowed on the rear of bicycles. It could be that red is the preferred color.


Published on Jan 25, 2015
Bicyclist uses a small LED blinker attached to rear of cycling helmet to alert drivers approaching from the rear of his presence. Easily seen in daylight.