The Next Time Someone Whines About ‘Safety’…

Watching people somehow not killing someone / dying is fairly entertaining.


Some of the ChainLink Faithful saw the video this way:

Reply by Thedutchtouch 8 hours ago
I only watched the first few minutes, regardless of how impressive/not the riding is, this is full of people riding like a$$hats in traffic. And we wonder why there’s so much anti-cyclist rage out there…

Reply by Tom A.K. 7 hours ago
It does say “insane” in the discussion post.

Reply by Jim Reho 7 hours ago
Provocative, to say the least. +1 on Thedutchtouch’s comment above. What a bunch of juvenile narcissists. I guess for them it’s OK to scare the living crap out of people as long as they get their jollies. Can’t go there at all.

The Virtual Shrug

Tom A.K.’s response is the one with which I am most familiar. The Church of Urban Cycling has part of its catechism that Cars Are Dangerous. Usually the Pope of Bicycle Heaven will stand up in his robes and denounce the Arrogance of Space as the cause of all that is wrong with urban infrastructure. But somehow the antics of cyclists ‘get a pass‘.

When it comes to our own behavior we are more likely to offer a ‘virtual shrug‘ than an adult assessment of our own childish behavior. Sorry, but that is a bit like a street pimp attempting to justify his line of work and his abusive treatment of his ‘hoes‘ by offering that despite the beatings he gives them, they keep coming back to him. So how bad could his behavior be?

If nothing we are masters of the Mixed Message. Review this movie once more and ask yourself why these morons are:

  • even making this movie, who are they trying to impress
  • why put the lives of pedestrians in danger by barreling through the crosswalk between people
  • why should I give a goddam about the safety of cyclists who feel threatened when riding in traffic

But hey, we all know that cyclists are the ‘true victims‘ of the roadway and that is why Congress needs to have the GAO investigate whether or not the infrastructure that keeps car mortality rates down isn’t working for pedestrians and cyclists.

Yeah, right!

Me, I am launching a write-in campaign to draft Lucas Brunelle as the next head of the Active Transportation Alliance. His behavior is repulsive, but at least I know where he stands. His reign of terror would make it crystal clear that there is a ‘War on Cars‘ and he would not hesitate to state that openly. I can see where some of the ChainLink Faithful in the past have decided that tearing off driver’s side rear view mirrors got the idea!

Long live Safe Cycling!

One last question. How would you design a street with a ‘bike lane‘ that followed the ‘Desire Lines‘ of these ‘real Urban Cyclists‘? Hmmm. Maybe we should get the Pope of Bicycle Heaven to make a trans-atlantic voyage to bless us with his presence and thus shed insight into just how much better it would be for cars to be removed from traffic altogether.