Stay out of Door Zone Bike Lanes for a Safer Ride

Background Reading



Lake Street on the Colorado State University Campus in Fort Collins. The snow is covering a bike lane right in the door zone of parked cars.

Here is a bit of the kind of instruction that is going on in places like Colorado at their Bicycle Safety Institute. We could have this sort of thing in Chicago but the Urban Cycling Movement in this town has declared that it does not want licensing to ensure that (as with motorists, motorcyclists and scooter drivers) everyone is on the same page with respect to smart approaches to handling those situations in which infrastructure is lacking.

As is noted in the article cited above we have bike lanes firmly planted in the ‘Door Zone‘ because of the ‘keep to the far right tradition‘ imposed on bicycles by others. Consequently untold numbers of cyclists are incurring severe injuries when car doors suddenly open.

The resolution is simple but the reluctance by the Urban Cycling Movement is difficult to understand. Why would you not want to teach people (and to have on-road training such as that pictured in the video) how to avoid being hurt? I guess that we Chicagoans feel it is a better prospect to find legal counsel in the event of injury than to avoid the problem in the first instance.

Stupid notion.