The Glamour of Winter Bicycle Commuting

Background Reading


You are going to get a great deal of ‘spin‘ coming out of the Urban Cycling Movement regarding winter bicycle commuting. This blog is a ‘no spin zone‘.

We instead make an attempt to get you some information (see links above) that may lead you to take the plunge. But we do not sugarcoat the reality of riding in cold weather.

What we refuse to do is be ‘lapdogs‘ for The Movement. No bullshit here! It is cold in winter. Damn cold. The snow, slush and ice on the pavement is daunting. But if you dress properly and ride a sensible bike you just might prevail.

And if you decide to ‘wimp out‘ on the colder mornings and take the bus, I won’t tell. What matters is that you learn that there is yet another alternative method of getting to work.

And one more thing. If you are ‘single‘ and ‘in the market‘ what better way to find a suitable mate. You gotta figure anyone willful enough to ride in winter is gonna be someone you can rely upon. So skip the singles bars and head straight to the snow covered streets to find your soul mate.