Personal rapid transit: The future of public transportation, maybe

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Skytran Vehicle

Isn’t the automobile essentially this sort of conveyance without a fixed track? If so then this provides only two things that might make it a winner:

  • Presumably the speeds it can attain a much higher than those of an automobile
  • It does not require a parking space at the end of the journey
Thief saws through an on street bike rack to take expensive bicycle.

Thief saws through an on street bike rack to take expensive bicycle.

Speaking of parking spaces, personal bikes in cities make very little sense (to me) if you have to park them on sidewalks. In fact it would seem that thieves are making it clear that on-street bike racks are a joke.

Some needs to explain to me why a Brompton bicycle is not the vehicle of choice for urban bicycle commuters.

Being able to ride the bike (which has rear suspension) and an internal gear hub on city streets is easily the design with the basics covered.

But then you add the ability to ride the bike from your front door to the door of your building and walk it inside to be placed:

  • under your cubicle desk
  • in the hall closet
  • or in a heated cloak room
  • or wherever your boss allows you to stow it
Brompton Folding Bicycle

Brompton Folding Bicycle

And it is small. Really small. It has a special front mounting clip to carry your briefcase or other essential items. And you can have it equipped with a rear rack to hold larger items.

It can even be brought onto trains in a bag so that you can shove it into a seat area without taking up extra space.

Can someone, anyone explain to me why even though it costs more than a ‘beater bike‘ how does that not still beat the frustration and costs of replacing said beaters when they get stolen?

Brompton stowed in softcase

Brompton stowed in softcase

It seems to be difficult for Urban Cyclists to see the obvious value here. In addition when equipped with a SON generator for the front wheel you have a bicycle that always provide a headlight and a taillight for traveling dawn to dusk and even in total darkness.