‘Vehicular Cycling’ The Copenhagen Way

Background Reading



The traffic playground caters to schools and kindergartens, as well as other organised groups and parents are welcome to stop by with their kids.

Clearly Mikael Coalville-Andersen is wrong about his notions regarding Vehicular Cycling. It appears that the Danes have their versions of this sort of training and are proud of it!

The only difference between the thinking of the Danes and Dutch with Vehicular Cycling practitioners revolves around the use of trails. The Americans have come to some sort of stalemate on this question by attempting to pedal with one foot in both camps.

If you think about it the concept of Protected Bike Lanes is merely the duplication of a trail on city streets. It is reserved strictly for bikes and aside from special merge areas is not to be used by motor vehicles.

But the funny thing is that when faced with situations where the bike lane is unusable (e.g. under construction) bicyclists are forced to rely on techniques that are strictly the province of Vehicular Cycling.

Some day the Urban Cycling Movement will own its schizophrenia and settle down to the business of simply enjoying cycling without trying to please its Bicycle Pope.