A Visit To Oswego

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Village Grind Cafe

Village Grind Cafe

After breakfast we ran a few errands. We dropped off items for resale with two agencies that help those in need. Then it was off to ride along the Fox River south towards Oswego.

In town we parked in front of the Village Grind in Oswego. This is a quaint town of sorts where our bike club riders come to grab a bite to eat and drink a cup or juice or coffee on longer rides.

Most of these rides start a remote spots like Commissioners Park in Naperville or future north in Naperville not far from the Naperville Riverwalk Trail. There is a rather nice veterans memorial beside the library a few hundred feet from the coffee shop. And if you are of a mind to, you can ride the Fox River Trail that can be picked up at the bottom of the hill behind the shop.

You can return to points like the municipal parking lot in Batavia for luncheon at El Taco Grande. Today however we drove back home and enjoyed a bit of luncheon from Potbelly’s. Yummy!

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