A Late Breakfast and an Even Later Luncheon


First it was off to Egg Harbor for breakfast. Lots of smiles as we did some people watching. Dads with their young kids are fascinating. One father and his young son are debating the question of who is going to take who to the potty. Evidently at that age being taken to the potty (as opposed to going on your own) is a matter of pride. So they agreed to jointly take one another.

Meanwhile the sister is having fun choosing what she desires for breakfast. With her brother gone off to the potty she decides on chocolate milk with sprinkles! Clearly parents today are far more permissive than they were when I was that young!

After breakfast we head off to Cabela’s to pick up an order of winter under garments that were on sale. Buying clothing that is not bike-specific but works well on the bike is an art. I have found few things from Cabela’s that disappointed me a year or so on. They make great stuff at sound prices.


Native Foods Cafe – River Forest (Panorama)

Then it was into River Forest for luncheon at the newly minted Native Foods Cafe. Good traffic inside the restaurant. This bodes well for the financial viability of the place. Then home to finish chores and settle in to do some writing.

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