Ride to Breakfast and Neighborhood Toodle

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Late breakfast at Egg Harbor Cafe and then a short toodle around the town. Weather was about 20 degrees warmer than yesterday and the sun was bright and warm! A bit of ice on the trails and roads. Almost went down as I approached Roosevelt Road on an icy sidewalk!

But kids were out playing and many were on bikes and scooters! One girl and her brother were passing us as we left Seven Gables Park and she was wearing short shorts! That was a bit too daring for the weather conditions but then guys a few blocks earlier were out in t-shirts and gym shorts playing touch football!

Altogether a great day to be out and about. Too nice a day to waste shopping in indoor malls!

As we were leaving the restaurant a lady approached and asked if we belonged to the bikes parked on the veranda. We said yes and she smiled and said ‘she was envious‘. After finishing the ride, I would agree!

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Cyclometer Information

Distance: 7.6 miles
Time: 1h 08m 31s
Speed: 6.7 mph