There Is A ‘Sucker’ Born Every Minute

Cyclist using camera as ‘Insurance Policy’.

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Reply by Crazy David 84 Furlongs 17 hours ago
Its a very smart approach. If you look at the stats, you often find that IF the bicyclist dies, with very rate exceptions its always “all” the bicyclist’s fault. That’s because often the only “voice” speaking is that of the driver. In the horrible situation that the bicyclist dies, at least this provides an alternate voice.

On the other hand, if you are a “bad bicyclist” this could very well provide significant evidence as to your misbehavior. For example, if the camera shows that you have ignored every light, stop sign and directional arrow, then the claim by the Sr. Citizen that he was in the middle of the cross walk when he was hit (as opposed to stepping out from the middle of no where) takes on more life.
So if you ride correctly, its great. if not,…. ugh not so much

Reply by The Korn 17 hours ago
Every time I ride I use the camera on my phone as a dash cam. Between that and mapmyride, uses about 25% of my battery power per hour. Quality is great during the day, at night it’s not great but not useless either.

Reply by Rich S 17 hours ago
I got a Contour Roam2 about a month or so ago for that exact reason. Also to record fun rides and snowboarding! If there are no witnesses and it’s your word against theirs then there is some documentation. Or if the collision is severe enough that you don’t remember what happened.

I was leaning towards getting one for over a year and 2 incidents within 2 days pushed me to finally get one. First was seeing another rider get hit by a car 20 feet in front of me on Elston and North. Second was a friend of mine getting hit by a car.
And to David’s point … I’m proud to say that my riding style hasn’t really changed much if at all since I started recording my commutes.


Pardon me but I am far too cynical to believe that anyone suggesting that the GoPro 3+ Black or even the newer GoPro 4 Black is an insurance policy is anything other than a ‘snake oil salesman‘. Maybe one could lobby for the purchase of the GoPro Hero. It represents the entry-level model for this brand.

But before you go out and spend your hard-earned cash on anything think about the practical side of using such a camera.

How Not To Mount A GoPro!

How Not To Mount A GoPro!

Where do you mount this sort of camera? Some folks get their ‘inner geek‘ on a ride around looking like this! Yikes!

The only reason to ride with an appendage this tall is that you believe it inoculates you against would be threatening drivers, who upon seeing this monstrosity will ‘back off‘ and leave you alone.

But the statistic say that you are more likely to be struck from the REAR. So this poor soul has his on BACKWARDS!

Some folks I have had the displeasure to chat with are adamant about riding with one of these cameras under their bike saddle. That makes a bit more sense but it still leaves the sticky problem of everyday maintenance that any such camera poses.

Looping Recordings

If this were the 23rd Century we would have developed cameras like this which were motion-sensitive. It would be built into your bike helmet with lenses that face both front and rear and to each side. The moment the helmet sensed a strike that would send you crashing to the ground it would ‘mark‘ the last 5-minutes of footage as relevant. And it would have already sent a copy of that footage to your cloud storage area.

These cameras can only be of value if they are running continuously. That means therefor that it needs to overwrite a portion of the video it has been capturing every so many seconds or minutes. In essence it is capturing a ‘loop‘ of say the most recent 5-minutes.

But the next thing that needs to happen is that you ‘process the film‘. That part is far too tedious to have anyone continue doing it on a regular basis except the most anal of individuals. People like this might not even ‘shower‘ on a regular basis and would most certainly have the messiest desk in their department at work. Yech! You do not want to be that guy or gal.

So your Cloud Service needs to have a means of processing this information and uploading it to your YouTube account. And even then you would want to have anything older than a month or two purged to make room for the newest stuff.

Finally there is the matter of powering your camera. This being the 23rd Century and all the peg where you hang it either at home or the office or your favorite brewpub will serve as a power recharge station. That way you are always ready to go!

Urban Cyclist "Idaho Stop" Two-Step Variation

Urban Cyclist “Idaho Stop” Two-Step Variation

But me, I have no intention of wearing a heavy helmet around all day long to serve as my ‘insurance policy‘. There is certain to be an ambulance chaser around to service my family in a wrongful death suit should anything happen to me. Besides, juries watched the Rodney King Tape and still did not convict. What makes you think that a video is likely to convince anyone who does not wish to be persuaded that you were in the right when you ventured into that intersection doing the Idaho Two-Step and got your silly ass crushed?

Much better to simply ride with caution and practice Vehicular Cycling. Let the Urban Cyclists whose beer bash your were attending sell cupcakes or something in your memory.