Which Do You Hate More? Being Shoaled or Drafted?

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Which Do You Hate More? Being 'Shoaled' or 'Drafted'?

Which Do You Hate More? Being ‘Shoaled’ or ‘Drafted’?


Because ‘cycling safety‘ is a pressing need I think it wish to form a new Twitter hashtag group like the one discussed here:

Reply by R W 3 hours ago
Please help us document these dangerous spots by taking photos when you can, and posting them on twitter with the tag #enforce940060. For more on the hastag: http://chi.streetsblog.org/tag/enforce-9-40-060/ From the most recent Mayor’s Bike Advisory Council meeting, we know that CDOT is monitoring the hashtag, and is at least aware that many problem spots exist, and any additional documentation of trouble spots will hopefully help get the city to act, and maybe improve bike lanes beyond paint…

Concerned should be able to Tweet™ with the tag #getoffmyass and have that information reviewed on an hourly basis by CDOT. Please make certain that you get the necessary identification information from the offender and always report the GPS coordinates where this took place. I have personally found it a good thing to include a GoPro™ snapshot of the face of the offender for easier identification by the officers who respond.

Good luck to all you folks (fatties or not) who have finally had enough of the ‘rude and offensive practices‘ of cyclists who simply will not allow you to pass them between lights without drafting you without asking permission.

Be safe out there. Oh, and remember to wear clean briefs as you would hate to be followed for blocks on end with dirty knickers in full view.