‘Vision Zero’ Is Not Some Sort of ‘Zero Sum’ Game



The idea behind ‘Vision Zero‘ is to aim high enough that the number of fatalities in traffic is brought to zero. This does not mean that for every fatality of a pedestrian by a motorist that the cycling community gets one ‘freebie‘.

What it means is that no one should ever have to report that your loved one was killed by a moving vehicle of any sort.

Cannibalism is one of those crimes that seldom ever happens. When it does it always receives national attention. I suppose that for some folks this might mean it really should not (considering the infrequency of the crime). Wrong!

No pedestrian should ever have to fear a bicyclist. But they do and admittedly with good reason. We are dangerous at best and downright horrific when we encounter pedestrians who are in our way. And it never ceases to amaze me that we think any non-bicyclist would be interested in hearing our tales of ‘near misses‘ and laments at being ‘shoaled‘. But we do.

There is something terribly unrealistic about our notions of where we fit in the hierarchy of vulnerability that characterizes the traffic landscape.