Okay, We Can All Breathe Easier Now

Cyclist who mowed down woman calls it ‘an unavoidable accident’

By Lia Eustachewich
September 22, 2014 | 4:20pm

Source: NYPost

Jill Tarlov, left, and Jason Marshall. Photo: LinkedIn; David McGlynn

Jill Tarlov, left, and Jason Marshall.
Photo: LinkedIn; David McGlynn

The cyclist who mowed down a Connecticut mom in Central Park last week broke his silence on Monday and claimed it was an “unavoidable accident” — just hours after her heartbroken family announced she passed away.

Jason Marshall said he’s “utterly devastated” over the Thursday’s bloody wreck that killed mom-of-two Jillian Tarlov, 58.

“I am deeply, deeply saddened about the accidental collision that I had with Ms. Jill Tarlov last week and her subsequent passing,” said Marshall, 31, in a statement released by his attorney. “Please know that this was an unavoidable accident.”

Witnesses said Marshall was speeding down West Drive and tried to swerve around Tarlov, rather than brake just moments before he careened into Tarlov on his $4,000 Jamis Eclipse bike.

Tarlov, who had been out shopping for a birthday gift for her daughter, had just stepped off the curb at a traffic light at West 63rd Street when she was struck.

Cops still haven’t determined who had the light or just how fast Marshall was going.

But he told cops he was traveling about 8 or 9 mph at the time of impact, sources said.

“I extend my deepest sympathies to Mr. Wittman and his entire family. Since the day of the accident, I and my family have been in constant prayer for her and her family. This is the deepest of pain. It is the deepest of tragedies,” Marshall said.

Doctors told police that Tarlov “looked like she was hit by a car,” sources said.

Marshall hasn’t been criminally charged and police are still investigating.


Obviously Mr. Marshall has hired an attorney who is well-versed in ‘motorist-speak‘. But whatever the situation I know and I am sure you know that traveling at 8 or 9 mph is slow enough to brake under almost any situation. In fact I often travel at that speed when I am passing a line of automobiles without having enough buffer space between them and me should they choose to open a door without warning.

So now that I know this to be a matter of CYA it is nice to know that we have a savvy (possible) defendant who can keep us from ever having to acknowledge that he is truly one of us. We need to keep the public believing in our ‘victimhood‘.