North Branch Trail : Linne Woods-to-Chicago Botanic Gardens Loop

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After some deliberation we parked at Linne Woods and rode north to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Our main objective was the ride the trail that Connie attended the opening of on the day before. On the way there we passed the memorial for Molly Gwinn a Chicago actress who died last week in a rain storm when she was struck by a tree while riding her bike. She is survived by her husband. The Trail Extension can be reached from inside the CBG grounds. It heads about a mile or so along the Lake-Cook Road to the Green Bay Trail which runs north and south.

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Molly Glynn -

Molly Glynn –

Molly Glynn, a veteran Chicago stage actress who also appeared on the television series “Chicago Fire,” died on Saturday, a day after being struck by a tree while riding her bike.

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This couple is riding recumbent trikes. She is carrying their dog. The husband fabricated his trike. It was a very nicely made piece!

This recounts the trip from Linne Woods up to the Chicago Botanic Garden.

A first ride on the new extension. You should note that volunteers were posted along the trail in chairs to serve as ‘counters’. When the trail reaches Braeside Station it effectively requires that you cross Lake-Cook Road to continue on the northbound portion of the Green Bay Trail.

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Distance: 26.7 miles Time: 3h 05m 09s Speed: 8.6 mph