Cyclist Busted By Cops

Published on Jul 18, 2013

FINAL UPDATE: This route is now open to cyclists!
Update: Even with this announcement
“On Theobalds Road, Vernon Place and Bloomsbury Way, my Cycling Commissioner has suggested to the highway authority, the London Borough of Camden, a number of short-term measures which could open the westbound contraflow bus lane to cyclists and make it safe.” Boris and Gilligan have still done nothing.
Recorded 090713 I broke the law and legally deserved the ticket but morally I’m simply looking for a safe route to work. The Police have been duly criticised for handing out FPNs on this road. Rather than target the vehicles that are regularly killing cyclists. However these Police ARE interested in road safety perhaps because they understand the vulnerability of riding a bike in London.
Cases mentioned in video are: 1. Oval incident RX11AXP B&T
2. Viridor side swipe GK60DVS