90 year old triker pedals 930 miles in 21 days

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Posted on September 9, 2014
by Ian Cummings

Source: Trike Asylum

Bert Blevens on his Catrike

Bert Blevens on his Catrike

90-year-old cycles from Kentucky to Florida

SARASOTA – Most people, when they come to Florida for the fall, buy a plane ticket or maybe drive. But Bert Blevens likes to make things interesting. Blevens chose to make the trip down from Louisville this year by recumbent tricycle, riding 930 miles to arrive in Siesta Key on Friday. That is quite a trip for anyone, but he just turned 90. Still, his wife and children were not too worried: he had done it once before, 10 years ago.

The journey was actually even longer than it sounds. Because cycles like the one Blevens’ rides are not permitted on interstate highways, that meant 21 days of pedaling through back roads, side streets and parking lots to cross Tennessee, Georgia and most of Florida.

Bert’s daughter rode with him for a portion of his overland journey.

Bert’s daughter rode with him for a portion of his overland journey.

Why did he do it? Family members printed T-shirts bearing this quote from Blevens: “If something comes up, try it. The worst thing you can do is fail, and that is not a catastrophe.”

There were no support vehicles following Blevens on the trip, but he was not alone. His son, Kim, accompanied him through the first half, before switching with Blevens’ daughter, Beth Blandford. And Blevens became something of a celebrity as he passed through small towns along the way, doing interviews for local television and stopping to take photos with wedding parties or other bystanders who lined up to meet him.

But for all the high spirits, Blandford said, there were times when she was not sure they were going to make it. (Read about the rest of this incredible overland journey HERE)


To hear your average Urban Cyclist tell you about the horrors of his commute as a young millennial you might get the idea that nobody these days rides without pretty green paint under their tires and white PVC bollards separating them from traffic for distances of about 5 miles or less.

And yet here is a guy in his 90s who was able to ride his recumbent trike from Kentucky to Florida and live to tell the tale! We have spineless knuckleheads in Chicago who cannot ride east-west streets for about 3 blocks because the traffic frightens them as they make their way from the Loop to the Chicago Lakefront Trail.

In fact to help them settle their fears they actually have resorted to riding the busiest pedestrian sidewalk in the city and were pissed off at getting tickets for having done so. This is the same crew that believes themselves to suffer more than any riders in the Tour de France. Oh well.

I guess you just have to take their word for it. In the meantime I am going to go and get some popcorn and read about a ‘real cyclist‘. These Urban Cyclists near as I can figure out are pantywaists of the first order.