ChainLink : Why Not ‘Warn’ Offenders?

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I asked a while ago why the fact that Michelle’s announcement that she had two accounts and the reasons why they were necessary never brought a remark from the Moderators of the ChainLink Forum. Either this was an oversight on their part, which is embarrassing enough that they do not wish to respond on the forum itself or they simply do not care about the fairness of the situation.

It seems however that the same sort of thing (telling a user that they are about to be/or are in violation of forum rules) was not extended just prior to her banning. Why is this?

Michelle Milham's Recounting of Her Banning

Michelle Milham’s Recounting of Her Banning

Ineptitude Is Part of the Problem

I find it difficult to excuse the rather ham-fisted approach used by Lee Diamond in banning Michelle. When Asper K. came whining about having gotten a ticket for riding the sidewalk along Michigan Avenue, she at least knew the reasons why.

Evidently the secret cabal that handles these sorts of things on the ChainLink do their work in secret. What a pair of wussies. First you fail to inform the user that having two accounts is in violation of your rules and then you ban them without prior notice.

I can just read the StreetsBlog spin that would ensue this approach being used by the CPD when cyclists were in violation of something that they had in fact notified the police department about in advance.