ChainLink Whiners : A Well-Deserved Ticket and a ‘Corrected’ Definition

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The Well-Deserved Ticket

The Well-Deserved Ticket

‘Walk your bike on the sidewalk’ sting operation…I got a ticket as did others
Posted by Asper K on September 3, 2014 at 6:05pm

Corner of Michigan and Monroe..last couple of blocks before lakefront path.Just wishing they would pick a more clear cut spot if they wanted to enforce some of the many traffic violations that bikers are responsible for.

There’s really no good choice here (in my opinion). Cars are going faster past Michigan going East on Monroe and there’s not a lot of room for bikes on the side. Many if not most bikers, ride on the sidewalk here for this reason.

According to the grumpy cop who wrote my ticket, he doesn’t care and I can call my alderman. Yay.

Reply by Tom Z 4 hours ago
There were probably complaints. I’m sure that is why they were ticketing in the area.

You would be right! Did anyone ever think that a Twitter hashtag campaign against motorists and the attendant embarrassment to the police, might backfire?

Reply by Tricolor 4 hours ago
Eff it, I’ll take Dearborn when I leave today.

Reply by Davo 4 hours ago
did they take your licence or did you just get the ticket?

Reply by Asper K 4 hours ago
Just the ticket. Although the cop did tell me he’s letting me keep my license, which seemed redundant to me.

Reply by Davo 4 hours ago
Illinois is weird like that. This is the first place I’ve ever heard of that takes your driving license when being ticketed. If you are driving a car, couldn’t they get you for driving without a license after they ticket you?

Well I guess this must be the ChainLink Forums day for misinformation? The law has changed:

Reply by djm 4 hours ago
Your copy of the citation substitutes for your license until you get it back. If you dont want to surrender it, you can provide a bond card (if you have one) or go to the police station and post bond.

Reply by grayn8 (5.3 – 36) 3 hours ago
City gotta get paid. Avoid the taxes for stickers, parking, etc…getcha doing other stuff. Kinda sad if you think how much violence is happening elsewhere in our city that could potentially be decreased according to some by more cpd presence. Eh…

That same reasoning could have been applied to the Twitter hashtag campaign as well. Every frivolous complaint about someone in the bike lane means that a cop has to get chewed out by his superiors and as you point out that means fewer guys ultimately available for ‘real crimes‘. But hey, if you folks feel you need to continue with the ‘tit-for-tat‘ strategy be my guest. You could always get your StreetsBlog lapdogs to write a snarly piece about the indignity of being stopped and fined for being where you shouldn’t have been, despite your knowledge of the law.

Reply by Alex Z 3 hours ago
Forgive me if this is visible somewhere on the ticket itself and I’m just missing it, but how much was the ticket for?

Reply by Asper K 3 hours ago
Ha..yeah I was wondering that too! Turns out code 9-52-020 is only a $25 penalty. Which is like..a time machine ticket. I didn’t even know that still had tickets that cheap. Also its an ‘ordinance violation’ not a moving violation which is great. BUT.. (according to the grumpy cop) if you get 3 ordinance violations they take your driver’s license away. Not sure in what time frame

Reply by h’ 1.0 3 hours ago
Sorry this happened, Amber!
What’s that “disregarding pedestrian traffic” stuff about– just the usual BS?
I personally think it’s fine in some situations to ride on the sidewalk as long as you remeber you’re a guest there and behave accordingly.

I guess it’s only BS when a cyclist gets a ticket? Come on, folks! You’ve been running red lights and blowing stop signs as if neither had any meaning whatsoever. Yet you want to complain because somebody is parked in your precious lane. OK. Fine, now you find out that someone is going to enforce the no sidewalk riding ordinance. Yep, it means money coming out of your pocket and that is a good thing! We need the cash.

Quit your sniveling, buy yourself a beer and reconsider your petulance. It is quite unbecoming.

Reply by The Korn 1 hour ago
I know I’m going to get crucified by the uptight law & order types for this, but this is the main reason why I almost never bike with ID.

My name? Uhhh… Bob Johnson. From Denver. Yeah, that’ll do. I’m Bob Johnson from Denver.

Reply by Lisa Curcio 6.6mi 6 hours ago
The hearing (should you choose to attend) is at 400 W. Superior which is the city’s administrative hearing court. Not the same as traffic court. That might be one reason there was no requirement to post a bond. The other thing is I seem to remember reading recently that drivers’ licenses were not going to be taken as bond even in moving violations, but I don’t remember where or when I read it.

Reply by Jacky Chau 5 hours ago
wish they start giving out tickets for bikers running red lights….

Amen and Hosannah!

Reply by Fran Kondorf 5 hours ago
wish they start giving out tickets for drivers not using turn signals…

Reply by Kevin C 5 hours ago
You might have read it in the Tribune. It was signed into law August 9th and will go into effect on January 1, 2015.

Reply by Davo 2 hours ago
A co-worker of mine had his license taken away for rolling through a red light on his motorcycle yesterday. Luckily he was able to go to the station (or where ever he was supposed to go) the same day to get it back.

djm – thanks for the clarification on why they do this. It seems to me that taking the license is a bunch of needless paperwork and wasted time.

Reply by Lisa Curcio 6.6mi 2 hours ago
This morning at around 8:00 there was some sort of film crew parked on Monroe between Columbus and Michigan and a bunch of police cars with them. I took the street, so could not see if they were giving tickets to people on bikes on the sidewalk. Actually, it would have been tough to ride a bike on the sidewalk because they had a bunch of stuff set up on the sidewalk about mid-way between Columbus and Michigan.

Reply by Michelle Stenzel 1 hour ago
It’s ridiculous that there is still no east-west bike lane that people can use to get from the Loop (and through the Loop) to the Lakefront Trail, neither on Monroe, nor Jackson, nor Randolph, nor through Millennium Park. Of course sane people are going to ride bikes on the sidewalk instead of on the wide streets that drivers treat as expressways heading to or from Lake Shore Drive.

Every Lane Is A Bike Lane © Wheel and Sprocket

Every Lane Is A Bike Lane
© Wheel and Sprocket

This is a classic example of ‘doubling down on stupidity‘. But since ‘stupidity‘ is such an ugly word, let’s just say ‘insanity‘. This is the same female who tried to make the case that the Tour de France riders were not nearly as good at ‘suffering‘ as Urban Cyclists in traffic. Right, so it makes a lot more sense to read this drivel, knowing from whence it comes.

I ride from the Loop to the Chicago Lakefront Trail all the time! Oh, and I do it on streets, same as cars! I guess that idea is a bit hair-raising, right! Get over yourselves. You have sunk into a ‘ghetto mentality‘ where ‘bike lanes‘ are concerned. Say it with me now, ‘Every Lane Is A Bike Lane‘.

Reply by Jaik S. 55 minutes ago
I was thinking about the “riding on sidewalks” last night up by Granville & Sheridan. There are a bunch of spraypainted/stenciled signs on the sidewalks advising people to walk their bikes. I could have swore around the start of the Divvy craze, there was a law passed making it not illegal for short distances on sidewalks.

Maybe I’m wrong.

Let me get this right. The Urban Cycling Community is all about getting exercise. They spend countless hours trying to convince everyone else that riding a bike is good for their waistlines. And it is. But then when it comes to walking their bike along a busy sidewalk like Michigan Avenue, suddenly their legs ‘give out’? That’s a load of crap. Unfortunately for the Chosen Ones (i.e. Urban Cyclists) the law is clear. You walk your bike along sidewalks.

This is the corollary to you do not park your car in the ‘bike lane‘. It seems absurd I know that anyone expect an Urban Cyclist to be in any way inconvenienced.

Reply by h’ 1.0 52 minutes ago
Round these parts we have stencils on the sidewalks warning pedestrians to watch for bikes on the sidewalk!

Reply by JeffB (7+ miles) 18 minutes ago
I saw this just the other day at

Amendment to 9-52-020 Riding bicycles on sidewalks

Current Law: Bicyclists over the age of 12 should not ride on sidewalks.

Amendment: Bicyclists of any age may ride on the sidewalks outside of the Loop if the sidewalks is marked as a bicycle route, is used to enter the nearest street or to get to a bicycle sharing station.”

‘Salmoning’ On Michigan Avenue Sidewalks

Riding Michigan Avenue sidewalks on a bike is almost certain to guarantee that pedestrians will experience ‘salmoning‘ against a bicyclist. The very act of trying to go around the slower pedestrian traffic while you are riding a bike means moving to the left far enough to encounter oncoming foot traffic. And then of course trying to speed up to race past the slower traffic you want to pass. This is a recipe for disaster at some level. It is especially problematic if you have more than one cyclist trying to accomplish this.

And of course not all cyclists will necessarily be traveling in the same direction as the automobile traffic closest to them. Some might emerge from the walkways alongside the Tribune Tower and be headed down towards Millennium Park.

Head Up Ass The 'ChainLink Prayer Position'

Head Up Ass
The ‘ChainLink Prayer Position’

Frankly the fine of $25 should be increased to ten times that amount. After all we cyclists whine like babies (actually that is an affront to young children), we whine like Adam Herstein (on one of his better days) that someone either parked in the ‘bike lane‘ or another cyclist ‘salmoning‘ in the lane forces us to have to move to our left and thus (drum roll and then scary sound of theatre organ) we are placed in jeopardy of harm including possible loss of life and limb.

So once again why is anything we have to say about the ‘cruel hoax‘ of being caught riding down Michigan Avenue sidewalks of any concern to our fellow cyclists? And more importantly why would any cyclist be offering your stupidity and careless endangerment and pity whatsoever after so justly having earned a citation?

Sometimes one has to ask where they heads of the Urban Cycling Community really are? But given our time-honored prayer position, the answer is clear.

Another Reason Why Licensing Should Be Mandatory

The Korn admits that traveling without identification reduces the chance of being identified by the authorities when ‘breaking the law‘. The thing that is so puzzling is why a group like this is so hell bent on identifying everyone else as lawbreakers? They are more than willing to ride around with action cameras on their heads and bikes just so that should anyone ‘pass too close‘ they can sue.

And yet this same group rides the sidewalks on Michigan Avenue without identification so that their behavior cannot be assigned to them. This is a very well-developed form of cowardice. But setting aside that argument why not let everyone else be anonymous too? Why have Twitter hashtag campaigns to flush out automobile scofflaws and then hide your own identity?

This begs some sort of remediation by the local City Council. I would begin with a license plate on the bicycle itself followed by the requirement that you carry some sort of legal identification at all times. I could make the case that not having this impedes the ability to offer assistant in the event you are involved in an accident (or worse yet killed) and no one knows to contact next of kin or your Significant Other.

Cyclists really do need to get beyond the ‘outlaw phase of the social development‘ to the point that the become full participants in the social order. The Korn might think it cool for cyclists to be ‘paperless‘ up until the moment is daughter is struck by a cyclist while he is riding the sidewalk and gives false ID which results in a moot lawsuit against him. Do we really think that none of the stupid and dishonest things we contemplate and actually do will never ‘bite us in the butt‘ later in life?

Hey, I really wanna see the spin job the StreetsBlog Twins give this thread and the story behind it. I wanna learn from The Masters at slinging bullshit.


Let’s get to the definition of what this really was, ‘a crackdown‘.

Sting operation

In law enforcement, a sting operation is a deceptive operation designed to catch a person committing a crime. A typical sting will have a law-enforcement officer or cooperative member of the public play a role as criminal partner or potential victim and go along with a suspect’s actions to gather evidence of the suspect’s wrongdoing.

Sting operations are common in many countries including the United States,[1] but not allowed in other countries such as Sweden.[2]

To try and spin this as a ‘sting operation‘ would require that you were duped into doing something that you knew to be wrong and were then given a ticket. That was clearly not the case. And while the $25 fine might feel like a bit of a sting, be happy in the knowledge that you were on the receiving end of all the sorts of complaints that cyclists like to send in their Twitter hashtag campaigns. Turnabout is fair play, it would seem to me. I could really get behind a whole lotta this sort of thing.

So whine away, my friend. Life and Karma are a ‘bitch‘.