Yet Another ‘Happy’ ChainLink Forum User…

Background Reading


Yet another email arrived on my desk. I hesitated to release it. But keeping these things hidden from the rest of you is far worse.

Here are the letters (emailed to me) that I have received to date:

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My Position On All Of This

I am taking the position that the ChainLink Forum is under siege from itself. This is a situation not unlike that found in the poorer areas of the City of Chicago. Lots of hardworking, blue collar families are living there and many are afraid of the thugs that live around them. Lots of these folks are well into their 50s and 60s and frankly are not able to defend themselves from ‘beat downs‘ by the local gang bangers.

But let’s be honest about all of this. The gun violence situation in the city is not something that sprang up overnight. It has been incubating for decades. And now that folks who were enthralled with the wealth and glamor of the drug dealers living amongst them are seeing the fruits of simply doing nothing. They are far too old to be a physical force, and the situation has gotten to the point that only armed police have enough fire power to deal with people armed with everything from Ouzis to AR15s and everything in between.

The death of Hydia Pendleton highlighted the fact that you cannot keep this sort of thing contained to the very poorest neighborhoods. I drove past the place where she was gunned down this weekend and it struck me that here was a beautiful young girl who happened to be black who will never know the joys of childbirth or rearing. Whose father will never walk her down the aisle or stand alongside her family as their youngest children are christened.

The ChainLink Has A Chance For Reform

George Santayana spoke eloquently about neglecting history:

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

George Santayana

We must begin with the certain knowledge that ‘doing nothing‘ as Simon Phearson is suggesting is a losing gambit. If you overeat on a regular basis and do not work off the calories you will get fat. (Don’t ask me how I know this…)

Trying to wish away what has been happening as a ‘boys will be boys‘ situation is not unlike watching thugs tear apart your community and realizing far too late that some things can simply not be regained.

Lee Diamond frets over having Michelleburn down his precious forum‘. He is looking in the wrong direction. The lighted match is in someone else’s hands and they are likely to be rewarded for helping to boot the one person whose loyalties would have been helpful.

I posted these letters again because the represent a pattern. I have in the past also received emails (that did not come through my CONTACT form) from others who have been kicked off of the ChainLink. The situation always seems to be the same. There is always someone there being the ‘nigger‘ for those who haven’t the stomach to be ‘hard-asses‘. This is a bit like riding into a town where the posted speeds change every 100 feet or so to ensure that you will be caught and fined. They used to call these ‘speed traps‘.

The ChainLink Forum is one ‘virtual speed trap‘. It is designed to provide some sort of sadistic enjoyment for a small group of males who with the support of their female counterparts love nothing better than to ‘blindside‘ newcomers. Sometimes this same group pulls this crap in reality. They might invite a young African-American female to speak on ‘dressing for cycling‘ and then use their forums to castigate her viewpoint and advice. Sad indeed.

Why bother in the first instance? But since this is all about sadistic pleasures you really cannot fathom why it is done. But failing to put a stop to it means that in the long run things will never improve. This is urgent stuff!

Now is not the time to sit on your hands and fail to speak up. Forget about trying to straddle some imaginary fence. There is none. This group will either accept your concerns or they won’t. Let the chips fall where they may.

But for certain if you notify that folks who provide their funding (e.g. Active Transportation Alliance) that you have concerns and want them to step in and at least let these folks know that future funding might be jeopardized if nothing changes, that might help. And then again, there are times when this ‘Good old boy‘ network extends much deeper than you might imagine.