The Next-Gen BionX D500 is here and it is awesome.

by JACK on AUGUST 28, 2014

Source: NYCeWheels

Today we were excited to un-box our first ever BionX D500 conversion kit! The D series, the latest in BionX technology, features a much larger and thinner 500 watt motor, capable of much more power and speed than ever before!!! Here’s Peter opening up the first kit!!!


Bion-X D500 Next-Gen Conversion Kit

Inside the box you’ll find everything you would need to convert your bike into a powerful electric machine: the motor, already built into the wheel, a powerful lithium ion battery which can mount directly onto your down-tube or attach via a rear rack, a console which will mount to your handlebars, the controller, and the wiring to allow all these parts to talk to each other!!!

BionX D Series

BionX D Series

As you can see the new D series motor has a much wider diameter than previous BionX motors. This larger diameter allows the magnets inside the motor to be farther away from each other, generating more power, just as a longer lever is able to generate more force than a shorter one using the same effort. This means you’ll be able to ride faster without working any harder. At its highest setting, you’ll be able to go 28 miles per hour!!!

It should be noted that the size of these motors makes them incompatible with smaller rim sizes. The new D series will only be compatible with 650b and 700c wheel sizes.

The motor is contained inside a plastic composite shell which is thinner than previous motors and installed inside the spokes. This puts less stress on the motor as it does not have to bear any of the weight of the rider, and also allows for more room for the rear cassette.

BionX D Series

BionX D Series

The D series will use an extra large 48 volt 17 ah battery re-done with a beautiful black finish. With more voltage and more amp hours you will be able to draw more power for a longer period of time increasing your overall range. On a single charge you should be able to go 50 to 80 miles, and combined with the larger diameter motor you’ll have more torque as well on climbs!!

BionX D Series Batteries

BionX D Series Batteries

The D series uses the same bright LCD console capable of displaying distance covered, speed, average speed, and time. The new series will feature a new display mount with two clasps instead of one for an extra secure console.

As with old systems, you will be able to switch between 4 different power modes, and activate regenerative breaking to add a little juice back into your battery!


BionX D Series Console

So there you have it. 28 miles top speed, up to 80 miles on a charge, and just as light weight as the old system, the new BionX D series will revolutionize conversion kit technology and we couldn’t be more excited to have them in stock! Don’t wait! Get your Next-Gen BionX D500 today!