Batavia to Mill Race Cyclery Loop Ride

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Batavia Bulldogs Unleashed

Batavia Bulldogs Unleashed

Nothing helps to relieve stiff joints from a ride in cold rain the day before like another ride the following day. We loaded up the Easy Racers Tour Easy bikes and took them from the Batavia Police Station to Mill Race Cyclery and back.

Here’s hoping the next few days are easier on the lungs than today. Anyone suffering from respiratory inflammation is likely to want to stay indoors within an air conditioned environment. But if you can find the time of day to venture out when the air quality is best then do so. It always beats being indoors.

Bike Cleaning Is In Order

Unloading the bikes to begin the ride confirmed that every single crevice of the chains, frame and wheels was covered in grime and grit from yesterday’s ride. Yuck! Who knew a bike could get so very dirty from merely riding on paved trails. I would wager that off road riding leaves a bike cleaner?

Cyclometer Information

Distance: 7.1 miles
Time: 0h 54m 54s
Speed: 7.8 mph