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Your help please Posted by milesperhour on August 18, 2014 at 10:57am



There is so much wrong with this parking job, the least of which is the sidewalk being blocked for able pedestrians, elderly people, strollers, and kids riding their bikes. Even worse, notice the sign the pedicab is locked to and the fact the the pedicab is parked completely IN the handicap spot. How is a handicap person supposed to maneuver around this bike? What if they need to get to the passenger side? What if they are in a wheel chair that needs to be put in the trunk? If anyone knows this person, kindly inform them of how their actions affect others who are less fortunate than them. There are deer antlers affixed to the handlebars, if that helps you identify the owner of the pedicab. Also, it should be noted about 20 feet away, the sidewalk is much larger and can accommodate a pedicab parked on the sidewalk affixed to a pole there. As someone with a handicap mother and who once had a temporary handicap placard myself, when I see complete disregard for handicap spaces, it really upsets me. The owner of the space last week affixed a sign to both polls, asking cyclists to not lock their bikes to these polls and to please be considerate given the circumstances. Thus, I think it’s safe to assume the person with the pedi-cab is not affiliated with the owner of the handicap spot. Thank you for any help that you can provide.

Reply by Tominator 12 minutes ago I would call 311 and see if the City can remove this bike. That’s disgusting. Is there no other marking on the cab identifying the company?

This would be an easier call if all bicycles had license plates.

Reply by milesperhour 8 minutes ago In the sign the owners posted last week, they said they would cut it off themselves. Now whether that is an empty threat, I don’t know. I’ll check to see for any markings.

Reply by Tricolor 1 hour ago Did someone still need a picture of a sucker pole? No cutting needed to remove that thing. If it’s been there a few days it could also be stolen/abandoned.

Reply by milesperhour 58 minutes ago Here are more pictures. The only identifier I saw was well worn, but appears to read “Street Pedi Cabs, Inc.

Reply by h’ 1.0 26 minutes ago [asking cyclists to not lock their bikes to these polls and to please be considerate given the circumstances] Strange how the sign went from polite and courteous to hostile in about three posts.

What’s equally strange is how you knew where to look in Google to check for poles. No information showing location was ever given, right? So perhaps you know this area and yet decided to ignore this blatant infraction? Now that is indeed strange!

Reply by milesperhour 20 minutes ago I wouldn’t say their tone was hostile at all and that is not a conclusion that should be drawn. It’s just that if a bike is continually in the way, they will need to cut the lock. It was written very nicely. None of that still makes what the pedicabber did okay.

Reply by h’ 1.0 18 minutes ago Also, it should be noted about 20 feet away, the sidewalk is much larger and can accommodate a pedicab parked on the sidewalk affixed to a pole there. I assume you’re talking about south of the alley? Sure, it’s wider, but I don’t see any poles there (the Google Street View is from 2011 though…)

Since when did something this large and unwieldy need a pole to be locked to? ‘Locking it to itself” would seem sufficient. But hey, this is a bicycle, right? And as usual ‘we need all sorts of slack cut‘ otherwise this would be an instance of ‘hate directed at cyclists‘, right? But then again, one could make the case that it was an instance of ‘hate directed at the disabled‘, just saying.

Additional Visual Clues

Additional Visual Clues

Reply by milesperhour 10 hours ago Since you’re playing detective, here you go. It’s about 20 steps away rather than feet. My apologies. The second building in, is where it is currently parked. There are also bike stands just up the block at Archie’s too, with plenty of sidewalk space. Even if there weren’t alternate spaces, it doesn’t justify parking in a handicap spot. I’m not here to argue. If you know the owner then just mention to them, “hey, it’s not cool.”

Reply by Tominator 8 hours ago Blocking the sidewalk is ridiculous. What about people in wheelchairs?

Reply by Chitown_Mike 7 hours ago After reading the lovely spread of “individuality” strewn across the back of the seat, I would assume the owner DGAF. Which is sad, but then again I personally have yet to meet a pedi-cabber that wasn’t a series of bad words I’d rather not bother posting.

Reply by h’ 1.0 6 hours ago Unless I missed some key information here, it looks to me like your intent is to publicly shame the owner of this pedicab, not just to find them and communicate to them “hey, that’s not cool.” Otherwise– why in the world would you not just leave a note directly on the bike?

So let me get this right. Now people on the ChainLink are worried about someone using this sort of tactic? Curious.

Reply by Tandemonium 4 hours ago Hmm, I wonder if those bold words in the OP could be a clue…

Reply by h’ 1.0 3 hours ago Selective quoting to change the meaning of what I posted.

Reply by Tandemonium 2 hours ago FTFY

Reply by h’ 1.0 1 hour ago Your ongoing willingness to devote your time and energy to being my own personal troll is flattering, but maybe you could post your crap to my comment wall to avoid mucking up various threads with it?

This would be curiouser, but since we know that h’ and his sock puppet Tandemonium (a.k.a. Duppie) we will simply let this thread end here. But you really do have to marvel at the ‘twists and turns‘ of this group.

Reply by ad 25 minutes ago
So are you saying that if the intent was to publicly call-out (shame in your words) the owner of the pedicab, the OP shouldn’t have posted here?? Isn’t publicly shaming them in this thread the equivalent of communicating to the owner “hey, that’s not cool”?

In other words, what’s your point?

I’ve seen threads in this forum that publicly shame cyclists who lock their bikes incorrectly, that publicly shame drivers who drive dangerously (rightly so IMHO), and that shame cars/trucks/companies who park/allow others to park in the bike lanes (again rightfully so, IMHO). So with that in mind, what’s wrong in your opinion with “shaming” the owner of this pedicab in this thread for something that many on here likely agree is uncalled-for conduct in locking his/her pedicab in a disrespectful way–especially if word gets back to them and they never do it again, which is seemingly the intent of the OP??

There is a pronounced ‘double standard‘ on the ChainLink site and the remarks made here are ‘spot on‘. We see this sort of ‘shaming‘ being done to motorists all the time. Why should it not be practiced on those who claim to ‘hold the high moral ground‘ namely Urban Cyclists. And if pedicabs really want to be taken seriously, they are going to have to do a bit of ‘policing‘ of their own membership. This example is simply horrendous.

Reply by milesperhour 3 hours ago
All good. Through the powers of Facebook, the owner was identified and a friend of theirs told the owner about it. The pedicab was removed shortly thereafter. The intent was to get the owner to MOVE the bike asap and be more considerate in the future.

h’ 1.0 – you seem rather negative, judgmental, have a problem with lots of things, and argue for the sake of arguing, which I don’t care to engage in. But for the record, the person who identified the owner of the pedicab is a pedicab owner himself. He told me to feel free to post things like this on their Facebook forum, should I encounter a situation like this in the future. Clearly, he didn’t think the “shaming” was such a horrible thing. As another poster pointed out, I have seen shaming on this forum may times over and over.

Howard it is past time for you to ‘fold your tent‘. Any rider over the age of 30 years is suspect. Abby Hoffman was right. When you have lost the fire then admit it and step aside. What the elder statesmen of any movement needs to be is a beacon of positivity. Being defiant in old age is a lot like wearing your hair in a pony tail when you are 60 years of age. It looks creepy.


Chicago's Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

Chicago’s Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

I for one can see right through this ploy. This is probably a ‘staged image‘. Those of us in the inner sanctum of the Urban Cycling Movement need to ‘take courage‘. We are in the right. It is motorists who actions plague the city. When a cyclist does something like this we should intentionally ‘look the other way‘. In fact just to spite these Fascist Bastards who point out our peccadilloes let’s have a Twitter Campaign.We could use this #WeAreAboveTheLaw. Be sure to send it to your Alderman to let the bastard know that we park where we want and when we want and that they should be careful come the next election cycle.