Batavia to St. Charles Sculpture Garden and Back

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Forty-five years ago today two things occurred that would change my life forever. In upstate New York there was a small gathering of musicians at a farm near Woodstock. After three days they would have made one of the more pivotal concerts ever happen. What went on their shaped my generation in a way that no other would.

The second thing that occurred was more important to me than Woodstock. I married the woman who has been my companion now for four and one half decades. In this day and age what was once a routine occurrence is now considered quite rare. That is to say people marrying and staying that way.

We had a quite ride along the Fox River from Batavia to St. Charles and back. Bicycling is good for the soul. The effort is relatively gentle on the joints and the aerobic component is great for the heart. We look forward to riding as often as possible. And as on many other occasions we ride with iTunes music at full volume.

Connie does the music part and I generally take the pictures. It seems to work out well. Today was no exception.

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Distance: 10.4 miles
Time: 1h 18m 08s
Speed: 8.0 mph