Ride to Native Foods Cafe – Hyde Park

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This is the weekend for the Chicago Air and Water Show. We’ve been coming to this since the very beginning. Today we decided to forego riding to the North End of the Chicago Lakefront Trail and concentrate instead on the South End. Lots or riders out and about on the trail and plenty of places to see the skyline and watch the jets fly in formation.

At the Native Foods Cafe we overheard a fellow from an outdoor table near ours telling a friend that he was out on his bike because summer was ending and he would regret it during the winter months if he missed an opportunity on such a lovely day. I agree!

The folks walking around the Museum Campus area appeared to be in ‘high spirits‘. Just a bit south of that location we came across a group of Segway riders climbing the sledding hill across from Soldiers Field. Boats were out in the adjacent harbor and everyone (including the Amish visitors who like to sit behind the McCormack Place pavilion) seemed to be enjoying this glorious day.

Spotted at least two recumbent bikes. One was a Bike E from years past and another a Bacchetta or Volae Dual 650. Connie used to ride and love her Bike E. It was one of the first recumbent bikes that could be ridden by just about anybody. Lots of folks along the trail asked about the bikes we ride. Today we were on the Easy Racers Ti-Rush bikes. They are smooth and the seating position is just a hair more upright than on our Easy Racers Tour Easys. This makes for a bit more aggressive position when climbing and of course the titanium tubing has somewhat reduced weight so it allows you to work more efficiently.

I strapped on the GoPro Hero Plus Black Edition for the video clip today. As usual this is created with the time lapse mode (am image every 60 seconds) and then the 92 images are imported iMovie and paired up with an audio track. Enjoy!

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Cyclometer Information

Distance: 19.5 miles
Time: 2h 21m 24s
Speed: 8.2 mph