Urban Cycling Busybodies 101 : ‘Be The Change You Wish To See In The World’

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Here we go again. It must be that time of the month for these folks. They are once again trying to get everybody in the world to accommodate their needs while actively ignoring their own faults. Isn’t it time the pedestrians and motorists of the world got angry and gave them a bit of their own?

Listen to this drivel:

How Can We Get Enforcement on Clark Street Bike Lane (Southbound in am)
Posted by jolondon30 on August 3, 2014 at 9:11pm
The bus/bike lane South of Diversey on Clark has become a joke. There are cars and trucks everywhere starting at around 8:15 – parked, stopped, or idling. the whole point of these lanes is so bikers can void the busy Clark street traffic. Yet to get around these cars/trucks I have to do swerve intro traffic at least 15 times every ride (it seems).
How does one get CPD to enforce the law (signs say no parking/stopping 7-9)? I am not referring to the part of Clark farther South where this restriction is no longer in effect.
Is there a number I can call? ActiveTrans? What about putting a large sticker on their windshields? 🙂

Reply by Tom A.K. on Monday
There are so many traffic laws in our city
that are never enforced,
I have concluded that it is hopeless.
Cyclists will have to continue
to swerve into traffic endlessly.
That is the reality of today’s mean streets.

Reply by Justin B Newman on Monday
Determine which beat this area is in, and show up at the CAPS meeting?

The local PD must start chuckling the moment you round the corner, right?

Reply by jolondon30 on Monday
I just spoke with the desk officer at the 19th district. He was unfamiliar with that bus/bike lane (rather disconcerting as you would think any policeman would know about it) but was very courteous and tried to be helpful. He said they will dispatch on a general compliant like mine but to go call 911 when I see a violator with the license plate and they should dispatch someone. So I would encourage everybody to do this! I don’t think it will catch the people who have stopped as I assume they will be long gone but perhaps some of the longer term parkers it will.
I will be very, very pleased to see the look on some faces when they see CPD. Yes, I’m an optimist.

Reply by Tom A.K. 18 hours ago
Any updates of success for you yet? I tried your approach: Violators, plate numbers, 911, Dispatch, 35 minutes window brunch watch, No Police Dispatch. Hopeless.

Reply by clp 10 hours ago
Hopeless? I think you’re being unrealistic, to expect an open, clear bike lane during rush hours, through one of the major commercial streets of the Northside.
I’ve been to CAPS meetings in Lincoln Park, asking for expanded police presence and reports on traffic law enforcement. How many hours per week does a Blue&White police car monitor traffic and hand out moving violations? After all, THAT’S where most of the neighborhood crime occurs…on our streets!
But I’ve come to the conclusion that really, there is very little the police can do to fix this situation. We’ve just gotta deal with that traffic…just as any other rush hour driver does.

Reply by Tom A.K. 7 hours ago
The question in this post was: HOW can we get enforcement from CPD ? My answer was, we can’t it’s hopeless. I agree with you clp, it is unrealistic to expect enforcement from the PD. They have other priorities. There is too much crime. Cameras do all the enforcement now. Sure, there will be a cop there on a rare day giving out tickets for five minutes, but that’s not gonna change the drivers. So WE have to deal with the idiots by trying to carefully swerve around them. We only need to have hope for our own survival. That’s the reality of the mean streets. Ride safe. Ride tough. Ride on.

Reply by Chitown_Mike 4 hours ago
Should we do a group buy of stickers that say, “NO PARKING – BIKE LANE” and put them on the driver’s windows??
You know the same kind the Dept of Revenue sticks on car’s windows with the boot? So they are stuck for days peeling them off? Ride by, slap one on, and be gone.

Well in return, I’d guess that there might be a vigilante group formed to follow cyclists who run red lights and blow stops signs as well. Just to offer a similar kind of nastiness, it might be considered to padlock your bike to something immovable and let you find the time and money to have it ‘angle ground‘ free. But if the group were merely charitable types they could always cover your entire bike in equally nasty non-peel stickers and leave it sitting safely tucked away. Then you could whine about the unfair treatment of your bikes and organize a Bike Wash Weekend. Folks could come and have the stickers soaked off and pay for the privilege and you could then turn over the money to your favorite charities.

Reply by Clement Jett 2 hours ago
We have started to get some good results tweeting pictures of cars in bike lanes to @ChicagosMayor @Chicago_Police @ChicagoDOT and the alderman using #enforce940060

Reply by Julie Hochstadter 2 hours ago
Stickers are great! We could also cut up pieces of paper.
If someone is going to organize this, I recommend you create an event so you can meet those who want to do this and pass out the stickers or leaflets to the group. Just my 2 cents.

Yeah, two cents sounds about right.

Reply by Dave Jacque 1 hour ago
Stickers might be interpreted as vandalism. I think a firmly but politely worded paper message tucked under the wiper blade would work just as well.

At least someone in this ‘fustercluck‘ has his head on straight. But if you going to approach anyone at all, start by approaching scofflaw cyclists. That would be worth coming out to film by the local news groups. Then you might have some sort of moral gravitas when you start this incessant whining.

Reply by Jeff Schneider 3 minutes ago
I think some people get crazy when anyone touches their car. Leaving a paper message would be OK until one of the crazies caught you in the act.
If you had a piece of paper with the city ordinance printed on it that you could HAND to a driver sitting in their car in the bike lane, that might be OK, but only if done in a friendly, non-confrontational way.

Would any of these folks take it upon themselves to spend a few weekends warning fellow cyclists about the laws concerning coming to a full stop at stop signs? Or even coming to a full stop BEFORE making a right turn. Or better yet to refrain from crossing on a red light?

I am guessing that it would take free draught beer and cocaine to get most of the ChainLink crowd to gather for this purpose. So why the ‘hard-on‘ about motorists? Either you decide to ‘be the change you wish to see in the world‘ or quit grousing. The whining is leaving a drool stain on your nice bright ChainLink jersey.

At least have the smarts to keep this stuff ‘behind closed doors‘ on your forum. You guys are ‘cruising for a bruising‘ as we used to say back in the day. Get over yourselves, really!


Urban Cycling Busybodies 101