Everybody Rides Ride 2014

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Got to talk with Hal Honeyman this morning before hitting the trail towards Kaneville. He reported that although the ride was not supposed to begin until 7 AM riders were showing up at 6 AM ready to roll. Lots of Wounded Warriors on their adaptive handtrikes. Hate to admit it but these guys are pretty powerful when compared with me using my legs up hills! Very awesome passes they executed. But as one t-shirt read ‘remember – honor -salute‘. Great bunch of guys and gals who having returned from combat with wounds have never given up. I promise to include the official images from the ride once they are posted. Got to talk we several of the veterans who had obviously had some damage inflicted on their speech centers. But they were sharp as tacks! The remainder of the riders were either club-level groups in Lycra-Spandex on plastic bikes or a few folks who were simply commuters that wanted to be part of the event. There was even a very good rock band afterwards in the park. I spotted a couple of kids trying out the adaptive trikes with an eye towards finding a bike they could use to keep themselves active. A special thanks goes out to the folks in Kane County who are working hard to implement bikeways and trails all over the county. Great job! And another shout out to the drivers along Main Street who were kind enough to give the riders (including the soldier on adaptive handtrikes) plenty of room when passing and to even wait while we slowly clawed our way up the inclines on the roadway. If you have occasion to do this ride next year, please thank a veteran. And thank the Shodeen family for their development through which we rode. Nice bikeways, guys!

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Distance: 28.4 miles 
Time: 3h 29m 14s
Speed: 8.1 mph

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