UPDATED: Crystal Lake Nite Owl Bike Ride (2014)

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The Crystal Lake Nite Owl Ride left from the Village Headquarters. About 400 souls took to the roads of the town and surrounding vicinity on either the 24 or 13 mile routes. We began doing the 24 mile route and cut it short just before the 15 mile mark. The bikes and especially the new eDelux II lights worked flawlessly.

The intended route (shown in the scan below) was a mixture of trails, underpasses and some on-street riding through the area. We got a chance to sample some of the trail that runs between Crystal Lake and Wheaton (northern route of Illinois Prairie Path). Technically the IPP ends at Elgin and the additional stretch towards Crystal Lake is under different jurisdiction.

There was a busker at the gathering in the parking lot who regaled us prior to the ‘send off‘. The group was a mixture of families and couples and groups on all sorts of bikes. There were road bikes, recumbents and cruisers. Some were equipped with rather interesting neon-styled lighting (to be seen). There were a fair number of overpowered headlights that blinded on-coming traffic. I would imagine some were in the 500 lumen range.

About half the gathering were females. Riding skills were ‘all over the map‘. What is amazing is how many folks gathered to enjoy this ride. But with the demise of the Chase The Moon Ride this is one of the few remaining night rides that is being conducted outside the City of Chicago. And by all accounts the only flying objects that you might have had to duck would have been beer bottles or paper cups. The night life in the town was pretty active.

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Cyclometer Information

Distance: 18.5 miles
Time: 1h 49m 56s
Speed: 10.1 MPH

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